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TP: Triangle Proofs

Please read these instructions for reassessing any learning targets from the TP: Triangle Proofs quiz:

For this unit, you may only reassess each learning target ONCE. You should NOT attempt to reassess a learning target until you are confident that you understand the concept or skill thoroughly. If you need help learning one of the learning targets, come in for some extra help right away!

All reassessment for these learning targets will be done on ALEKS.com. You may do these at your convenience, but remember: you may only reassess each learning target once! There are PRACTICE activities listed for each of these learning targets in ALEKS -- it is highly suggested that you prove your mastery to yourself using the practice activities before you attempt to reassess. Please do all your reassessment work in "pretty math" on a piece of graph paper, carefully labeled with the name of the reassessment. Turn it in no later than Friday, 3/28 2:50PM.

NOTE: you must reassess learning targets TP 02 and TP 03 together, even if you really only need to reassess one of the two. ALEKS does not have a way of separating them. Take the assessment titled "TP 02 & TP 03 Reassessment". You score for that will count for both learning targets, so make sure to answer them very carefully!