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LF: Linear Functions


For each learning target for which you did not demonstrate mastery, you should do the following --

  1. LEARN the skill or concept by reviewing online resources (below), practicing with ALEKS, and coming in for extra help with Mr. Lawrence.

  • A) Rework missed problems from Unit Test. On a separate, labeled sheet of graph paper, rework any missed problems. If you need assistance reworking a problem, come in for help, or get help from a friend or relative. Hand this in along with your Unit Test and your reassessment from B or C below.

  • B) ALEKS Reassessment. For most learning targets, you can demonstrate mastery by taking a reassessment in the "assignments" tab of ALEKS (see the list below for more information). To get credit for this mastery, you must do the following:

    • Score 85% or better on the reassessment on your first try on a particular day. If it takes you more than one try on a day to score at least 85%, that is simply great practice. Try again the next day to demonstrate mastery on your first try. Don't give up!

    • Do all your work and write all of your answers on a loose piece of graph paper. Number each question. Write a proper heading on the top of the paper, with your full name, class section, date, and name of the assessment (such as "FN 02 Reassessment"). Hand this in to the IN box in 313.

  • C) Paper Reassessment. If an ALEKS reassessment is not available (see below), then you must come in for extra help to take a paper reassessment.
Learning Targets -- resources for review and reassessment

KHAN ACADEMY VIDEOS: For additional instruction, I recommend viewing Khan Academy videos. The most useful ones are found here. If that menu does not have the concept you are looking for, a simple Google search should find you many resources (example: "Finding midpoint").

LF 01, 06, 09, MP 03: Not on ALEKS.

LF 02 - 05, 07, 08, 10: In your ALEKS Assignments tab. Must be turned in by 2:50PM Friday 1/17/2014