Online Textbooks

Online Textbook Access:
We have two textbooks that we use throughout the year. The textbook that you have at home is the "Glencoe" book. This is also available online (see #1 below). We also use a textbook called "CPO". You do not have a copy of this at home so you can use the online copy available below (see #2).

  1. Our Glencoe science textbook (the one you have at home). (
    Access Code:
    (On Macs, be sure to use Safari -- Firefox does not work well with this online textbook)

  2. CPO Book Access   (
    (CPO is another text that we will use occasionally throughout the year)
    Student User: fps023s
    Password: fps023s
    Once in, go inside the folders to "Foundations of Physical Science 3rd Edition", click on it, and click on "Student Edition".